There's nothing like a good story.

Kick off your shoes, grab a blanket, and let us tell you ours.

110 Years Of Expertise

Picture it…the brutal Wisconsin winter of 1911. It’s no surprise the Scandinavian immigrants living there searched for ways to keep warm, crafting the down comforters and featherbeds that were traditional back home. That quality and craftsmanship became the foundation of The Company Store®.

Our first claim to fame was down—down comforters, down pillows, down-filled featherbeds. Our down products continue to be top quality with that lighter-than-air feel, only now we offer lots of other neat stuff to go with it.

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The Best Materials

We start with the best materials: down from Europe, cotton from Turkey, Egypt, and even right here in good old U.S. of A.

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The Best Manufacturers

We scour the world to find the absolute best manufacturers to partner with.

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The Best Manufacturers

When it comes to color, no one does it better. Mix and match our solids with unique patterns, created by our in-house design team and showcase your personal style.


Cherish People, Cherish The Planet

Respecting each other and everything around us is a no-brainer. Here is how we do it:

Using premium raw materials that meet the highest environmental and ethical standards

Working with suppliers and manufacturers who certify safe working conditions and fair wages for their employees

Spanning the globe for the latest and greatest in environmentally friendly products and materials to create sustainable products

Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service 2020

Handled with Care

Customer Service is our strong suit. Don’t believe us? Just ask Newsweek. The comfort gurus at our customer care center earned top ranking and were named on the magazine’s list of top online retailers for customer service. When it comes to comfort, we’re the experts, so let us help you. Our knowledgeable comfort pros can help you via email, chat, or phone.


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